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Our Mission...

When this company was founded in 2013, our goal was to convert as many traditional tobacco users to a healthier alternative as we could . As a vape shop we strive to provide not only excellent customer service, but also an excellent overall experience while empowering our clients with as much information as they need. It is our mission to make a genuine impact on the health and well-being of the people in our community.

Our team at Good Nature is highly experienced with and well versed in a plethora of equipment, ensuring with confidence that you will be set up properly when walking out our door. Our employees do not work on commision. For that reason, you will never experience a high pressure sales environment at Good Nature. Our team is trained to provide you with the tools that you need to effectively quit traditional tobacco products.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to see you in one of our shops soon!


The Good Nature Team

Meet the Team


I got into vaping June of 2014 when Blu Ecigs first became popular. I tried one for a while to get healthier for biking season. After a month it just wasn't working for me anymore. At that point a friend of mine told me a new shop opened up on Northland (Good Nature Evapor). I went in there on a Friday after I ran out of cigarettes and picked up a Natural mechanical mod. I haven't touched a cigarette since!! Now I make my own box mods, started my own juice line (available ONLY at Good Nature EVAPOR) and love to help people that want to quit! My main hobbies are electronic cigarettes, bicycling, video games, electronics, and cars.


I started smoking when I was 18 mostly because friends were doing it and it was something new I could do at that age. I continued smoking for the next 12 years until finally trying a Blu from a gas station in July 2013. My first device did not cut it but it had me interested. In August I found Good Nature EVAPOR through a friend and bought a starter kit and 3 flavors. From there it took me til beginning of December to fully stop buying analogs. Throughout the process I have gained back so much taste and smell that I am forever sold on the effectiveness of these devices. Not to mention how much better I breathe and sleep on a daily basis. I have recommended these to friends, family and complete strangers and will continue doing so. In my spare time you will find me at many of the area's fine disc golf courses or throughout the deep concourses of XBOX Live.


Many people in life like to say the same thing, "Boy I wish I could be young again." for the main reason of "stress free" living. Well after being such an anti-smoking person I actually started due to all the stresses. One day after finishing a cigarette in my car I wandered into Good Nature EVAPOR with some of my friends to see what it was all about. Eventually I bought my first setup, a Kangertech Evod tank and 1000mah battery. Boy I loved that Green Monster flavor. I have been hooked ever since. Vaping saved my life and mind through and through. I have been loving life ever since.