XTAR - VC8 Charger (With 18W Wall Adapter)

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Product Highlights:

  • 8 Bay Smart Charger - Charge 8 size 21700 batteries at the same time
  • Multiple Charging Speeds - 0.5A x 8 / 1A x 4 / 2A x 2 / 3A x 1
  • Innovative LCD screen display shows all information you want
  • Compatible with 18650, 20700, 21700, 26650 and more
  • Automatically detects battery type and selects best charging strategy

Packaging Contents:

  • Xtar VC8 Battery Charger
  • Xtar USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • User Manual

Additional Features:

  • Support QC3.0 fast charging, max 3A for a single slot
  • Charge 8Pcs Protected 21700 Simultaneously
  • In grading mode, the charger tests batteries’ real capacity ,so that users can know whether the battery capacity is overstated or not.
  • The charger can charge or discharge the battery to it’s rated voltage in storing mode
  • The charger will automatically identify the battery type,, to select the most suitable charging method, so that users don’t need to select manually.
  • Built-in real-time temperature control protection system makes the battery charging process more stable.
  • Passed many international safety and quality certifications, such as RoHS, CE, FCC


Input – QC3.0 (5V2A / 9V2A)
Output Current – 0.5A x 8 / 1A x 4 / 2A x 2 / 3A x 1
Cutoff Voltage for Li-ion Battery – 4.20V ±0.05V , 1.45±0.1V

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